My World
Hi all..
How r ya doing ?? For me it was a very busy day.. work, work n work.... Leave it..
So tell me have u seen 3 IDIOTS ?? Great movie.. After a long time i have seen such a good hindi movie.. I love Chatur's speech.. hehehehehehe..... BALATKARI.. hehehe.. Aamir Khan is a great actor.. Don't u think so ?? Actually he is my favorite bollywood
actor.. Who is ur's ??
Hope Aamir's next movie will be as good as this one..
My favorite hindi movie is Dil Chahta Hai.. It is also by Aamir Khan..

By the way have u people seen Avatar ?? I have not got time to watch it.. It's a great 3D movie.. I would love to watch it.. but in movie theater not in my computer..

Most of my friends are getting married.. Don't u think they r crazy ??? They r going to RUIN their life.. Isn't it ?? hehehehe... If
any of them see this blog definitly they will KILL me...
Hi all.. this is my first blog posting.. wish me best of luck..
so how u people r doing ?? hope u r having a rocking 2010.. if u r not having it then no probs.. just fuck it...
as for me 'm having a great year..
i am not a web designer.. so my website need some professional help.. could u people help me ??
u r welcome to write any shit in this blog.. so come on with ur dirty ideas.. he he..