My World


hmm.... i have to write about myself.. it's a pretty tough job for me.. what to write ???
okey.. let me think.... thinking.... thinking... thinking....
well.. i think i am a cool guy.. don't know what my friends think about me (who think i am not, they will go to HELL after death. i can assure u that. so be careful)

i like rock muzic a lot.. no, like is not the perfect word to describe my love for rock muzic... it should be " I LOVE ROCK MUZIC n IT HAS MIXED IN MY BLOOD n I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT BLOOD"
not only the new rock but also i like classic rock also.. like Pink Floyd, MLTR, Sting, Billy Joel, Deep Purple, Eagles, Scorpions, Bryan Adams, Air Supply, Roxette, Abba, Boyzone, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Def Leppard, Dire Straits, Firehouse, Lynrd Skynrd, John Lenon etc..
i am just crazy abut Guns N' Roses.. they r just amazing.. don't u think so ?? n what about Mettalica ?? they r also awesome.. n Iron Maiden... there r so many.. Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Lionel Richie, Mr Big, Richard Marx... they all r just amazing..
do u like Nirvana or The Doors ?? for me Nirvana is ok, but i don't like The Doors.. though i know Jim Morrison is the "father of the rock muzic"..
i love the voice of the vocalist of Nickelback, Chad Kroeger.. he has an amazing voice..
what do u think about Britney Spears ?? i agree she is (was) damn sexy.. but do she has singing capability ?? or Christina Aguilera ?? Avril Lavigne has got talent.. i do like her songs n her also...
my favorite singer is Bryan Adams.. some of my friends had said me that Bryan Admas is a school rock singer.. but i don't think so.. for me he is the best.. MY BOSS..
surprisingly my favorite song is not a Bryan Adams song.. it's a song by a band called Poison.."Every Rose Has It's Thorn".. it's an awesome song.. i just love it.. u should listen this song..